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Why Ranveer Singh Is The Greatest Method Actor Of This Generation

Ranveer Singh’s villainous act is easily the best thing about the film.

Say what you will about his antics or bizarre fashion statements, but you have to admit that Ranveer Singh has always got his A-Game on when it comes to acting. No wonder he is getting all the accolades for his portrayal of Alauddin Khilji in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat. In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Ranveer cited this compliment about how someone told him that first there was Gabbar, then Mogambo and now there’s Khilji. 

Playing a villain didn’t come naturally to him, and he even had to consult a psychiatrist to get his head in the right zone. “It was difficult initially. I like making other people happy, and spreading good vibes. I feel like spreading kindness makes me happy, because it multiplies and comes back my way. When I come out of the vanity van in Khilji’s garb after two hours of make-up, I’m not that person any more. So to let go of that feeling that people might think I’m a complete prick, to let go of the fear of being judged for the man I am playing, took some getting used to. I think once I was in character, I was carrying a very different energy that wasn’t my vibe. I wasn’t giving off a very amicable, approachable vibe at all. I couldn’t care less to make someone smile or make their day — I was Alauddin Khilji,” he said in an interview with us.

He also said in an interview with Bollywood Life that there was nothing in common between him and Khilji. “There is nothing in common. I could not relate to this person who was so manipulative, greedy and ambitious. A person who would not bat an eyelid before harming others…it is not me at all. As part of my preparation and homework, I would study such people in history to relate to the world view of Khilji. I had to understand and convince myself that there were people like them, and draw from it to infuse life into the character. I buried into the deep, dark recesses of my life and memories, which I had brushed under the carpet and were buried in my conscience. I have confronted those demons and used them in my performance. It has been a catharsis; I am feeling a lot more lighter, happier and nicer. I only have good feelings towards people, only gratitude. I have more love, affection and kindness to give now.”

This is not the first time Ranveer has gone to great lengths to prepare for a role. For Ram Leela, he got the Gujarati accent spot on. For Bajirao, he went into a 21 day isolation to prepare for his role. For Lootera, he hurt himself physically to show the pain of a bullet wound on his face.

We are sure that he will achieve similar feats in the future too.