December is the month of joy, prosperity, and a whole lot of things that make you go WTF. Here’s everything that contributed to that from this month.

Rick and Morty Pringles

Yes, this is happening. Pringles is coming out with a new Rick and Morty flavour in collaboration with Adult Swim and the Super Bowl. According to Pringles, the flavour, named ‘Pickle Rick’, is inspired by a 2017 episode from Season 3 of the animated show.


Cardi B’s fridge of cash

We’ve all been in those situations where you either forget to gift someone something and choose to give them some cash instead. Cardi B found herself in a similar situation recently, but she took it a little too seriously. Cardi B posted a video on Instagram recently which shows her gifting her partner Offset a fridge with $500,000 worth cash just sitting inside and chilling. “What do you give a guy who’s got everything,” she’s heard saying in the video. Well, apparently you give a rich guy more cash.

Take a look at the video below:


Amazon reportedly drops $25 Million for Rihanna documentary

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has bought the rights to a Rihanna documentary and has shelled out a whopping $25 million to acquire it because naturally, anything related to Riri demands big bucks.  Amazon has not released any official statement confirming this, but the report claims the documentary will give “an unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life.” It is set to be directed by Peter Berg.


There’s a Jesus Christ video game

A lot of people claim their favourite superhero game to play are either Spider-Man or Arkham Knight, but that might just get dethroned by this new game where you get to play as the most famous man on Earth. You would think I’m talking about Michael Jackson or Shah Rukh Khan, but I’m talking about Jesus Christ. The game allows players to perform miracles, heal people, get crucified (again) because the developers believe that’ll be fun to relive, rise from the dead, fight the devil and other similar Jesus-y things.


Bentley and Zai release a pair of skis worth almost $10,000

Bentley makes cars and they make them quite well. But this time, they’ve ventured int something a little more simple. They’ve shifted their focus from tar to snow by unveiling a pair of skis in collaboration with Swiss company Zia that are well-known for their premium skiing accessories. The skis are composed of materials like chrome-steel-infused carbon fibre. It is limited to just 250 pairs and comes with a heavy price tag of $9,800. Well, it is Bentley, so they’re going to be anything but cheap.


HBO’s Watchmen

Even though this isn’t a piece of news, since we are talking about things that made us go WTF, we need to talk about HBO’s Watchmen. The show is insanity, confusion and awesomeness all rolled into one. The first season had its legendary finale last Sunday and it’s taken us this whole week to get over it. We suggest the show for anyone looking to dive into a show with a crazy storyline, unpredictable plot twists and full-frontal nudity.