Fans are currently desperately waiting for the next season of Netflix’s mega-hit series Peaky Blinders. They are scanning every inch of the Internet just to get some update on the upcoming season, and they happened to find one. A big one, that too.

The Netflix Diaries Twitter page sent the Twittervese into a frenzy when it posted images of Rowan Atkinson, claiming he has been roped in to portray Hitler on the show.

The tweet read, “Rowan Atkinson (Mr.Bean) is rumoured to be playing Adolf Hitler in Peaky Blinders.


And turns out, fans fell in love with the idea of that happening.

One tweet said, “This could be the biggest casting coup of our time. Rowan Atkinson is mighty underrated.”

“The fact that everyone seems to think he’s just Mr bean goes to show how little people know about the ridiculous talent this man has,” another commented.

As exciting as the idea sounds, there is still no confirmation on the casting from Netflix or the producers. We’ll just have to wait it out and notice if the Führer bears resemble to Mr Bean in some way in the next season.