Yes, we would all like to forget the whole Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern part of our lives. Including the actor himself, who has been vocal about his unpopular stint as the superhero. But in recent years, Reynolds changed teams, headed over to Marvel and took on the mega-successful and tailor-stitched role of Deadpool, which still remains a career highlight. But almost a decade later, Reynolds plans to return as Green Lantern.

According to Youtuber Grace Randolph, Reynolds is in process of signing a deal with WB to have a cameo in Synder’s Cut of Justice League.

“Now that I’ve heard it from a second source it seems word is indeed getting out and so I can confirm the Snyder Cut cameo I’ve been teasing is indeed Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern!! I’m hearing WB is working on putting the deal together now to make it official!” tweeted Randolph.



Only time will tell if Reynolds will actually feature in the Snyder Cut or not, but we definitely wouldn’t mind watching Green Lantern be part of the DC Universe once again.