Saif Ali Khan’s performance as Langda Tyagi in Omkara is still remembered as one of his best. Now, the actor has recently revealed that he regrets not doing a nude shot in the film.

He recalled a scene in the film where there was this bit where Khan had a whole page of dialogue where he says ‘this Omkara fellow, he’s not made me the Baahubali, I’ll bloody show him, I’ll anoint myself the Baahubali, I’m going to kill everyone’.

Bharadwaj, however, found the scene to be “too talky” and felt like they could do the whole scene without any lines.

“You’re standing there in front of the mirror in the dark and the camera is coming close to you. You are looking at the mirror and you break it and it shatters. In the shattered mirror, I see your schizophrenic face and because you broke the mirror, your hand is bleeding. You anoint yourself with the blood. So that says it all, you don’t have to say any dialogues,” Bharadwaj said.

However, the director wanted Khan to shoot the scene naked. “So, he said, ‘in fact, I think you should do it naked’. I said, ‘what?’ He said, ‘ya it’ll look good, you’re standing there naked with your back to the camera’. He said don’t worry it will be very dimly lit, like the movie. So, I said ‘listen, you and Tassaduq (director of photography) stand there with me naked while you direct me and I will stand there naked. I don’t mind, I’ll do it’. He said ‘I’m not directing you naked’. I said ‘arre, if you’re not going to be naked then why should I be naked’. So, I wasn’t. But in retrospect, I should’ve done it, it was just too new an idea. I think after John Abraham, showed his half butt, I would’ve been the first butt of Bollywood on-screen,” Khan revealed in an episode of No Filter Neha.

That would have been interesting to see for sure but now we’ll never know.