Searching For Sheela chronicles the controversial life of Ma Anand Sheela, who was a faithful devotee of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, famously known as Osho. She pleaded guilty to attempted murder and assault in the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack and the docu-drama, backed by Karan Johar, will shed light on her life post serving time for the alleged crimes. Netflix shared the trailer of the docu-film on April 12 and it is everything that people are talking about.

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The trailer of Searching For Sheela is giving the audience a glimpse into what’s coming next. From Sheela addressing some really controversial aspects of her life to the docu-series exploring the emotional side of her, the trailer has it all. Here are three things we liked about the trailer:

A Fresh Outlook

To this very day, we have only heard Osho’s stories and how Sheela was a part of it, but with Searching For Sheela, this would change. For the first time, we will get to hear Osho’s story from Sheela’s side. Osho’s ex-secretary was like his right hand and alleged lover, and Sheela telling her side of the story will definitely give you a fresh outlook about the whole controversy and the man as well.

Intriguing Plotline

Searching For Sheela has an interesting plotline. This doesn’t come as a shocker that if a film is being made on one of the most controversial women, it won’t be intriguing, and that is exactly what the trailer of the film is about. The trailer also has the right background music to enhance the drama that is happening in front of your eyes. Sheela is giving the finger in one shot and crying in another, and that’s what makes the trailer interesting.

Sheela’s Life After Osho

We all know how Sheela’s life turned upside down after Osho betrayed her. While we all know that Osho flew from the scene, we were never told what happened to Sheela. This docu-film will answer all these questions. The film will talk about how she has lived her life after leaving Osho and how it has affected her all this while. This sure seems to be an interesting story and we cannot wait to see how all of these anecdotes get compiled into a documentary.

Searching For Sheela will give you a glimpse of my real self, my identity, my life and its evolution over the last 40 years. This film is about my journey of returning to my home in India, a journey I have longed for many years. It captures the rollercoaster of emotions I experienced on this journey very well. I am looking forward to sharing my story with the world,” Said Sheela in a statement. Searching For Sheela will stream on Netflix, however, the makers are yet to announce the release date of the film.