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Shraddha Kapoor Has Come Under Fire For Cultural Appropriation

Shraddha Kapoor has been called out for being insensitive

Recently, Shraddha Kapoor has come under fire for culturally appropriating Native Americans. In her Instagram post, the actor seems to be celebrating 20 years of Daboo Ratnani’s Celebrity Calendar.

The Ek Villain actor appears to be posing with a mock Native American headgear which is considered to be offensive when worn by non-Natives. And, it can come off as tone-deaf to other people’s culture.


Check it out:


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💖 20th year edition @dabbooratnani @manishadratnani make up @shraddha.naik hair by @menonnikita #DabbooRatnaniCalendar

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A user criticized her stating “Despite multiple apologies by people across the globe for disrespect towards Native American culture, Bollywood people continue to offend by indulging in cultural appropriation. Regrettable indeed. Have mercy on native Americans. Imagine people making fun of our culture!”

Previously, Victoria’s Secret has also been slammed for culturally appropriating Native Americans twice in 2012 and 2017. 

And the self-proclaimed internet fashion police, @dietsabya was quick to call out the Stree actor for her insensitive approach towards Native American culture. In an elaborate post, Diet Sabya raises the question of whether this post should be considered  ‘Art’ or ‘Cultural Appropriation’ :



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ART OR CULTURAL APPROPRIATION? . . . According to our basic birthright source, Wikipedia, the wearing & displaying of such headdresses, and other ‘indigenous traditional arts and sacred objects’ by those who have not earned them — especially by non-Natives as fashion or costume — is considered extremely offensive by traditional Native people. The ‘controversy’ is part of a wider effort by Native American activists to highlight the ongoing cultural genocide against indigenous peoples (especially in the United States and Canada). The stupid trend of musicians and festival-goers wearing warbonnets across festivals has led to criticism by Native Americans, apologies by non-Natives, and the banning of headdresses as costumes by several big-league music festivals. We thought this was common knowledge. Yet, we are here, talking about it being appropriated by a celebrity calendar. @shraddhakapoor by @dabbooratnani for #dabbooratnanicalendar . #Dietsabya

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