We really think KRK is much smarter than you think he is. He knows that the only way for him (considering he has no talent) to be in the news is to be constantly ridiculous. 

Recently, he said that he’ll commit suicide if Twitter doesn’t resurrect his account which has been suspended (as it should be.)

In the past also, he’s done some serious WTF things that are extremely ridiculous.


His first film was so bad, it’s sad that it had a marketing budget to be displayed on every channel. Almost all the time. 

Demanding 25K to unblock celebrities

KRK once blocked the likes of Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar on Twitter. And believe it or not, he thought that they will be bothered by his move, and demanded an apology in the form of Rs 25,000. 

Being a horrendous critic

It’s extremely hard to choose KRK’s worst review, because all of them are equally bad. He puts out a video regularly, and has now started reviewing trailers too. We can watch the worst film of the year, but cannot sit through the few minutes he takes to give his inputs. 

Calling Alia Bhatt A Kid 

This one from KRK is so bad, it makes our stomach churn with disgust. “She looks like a bacchi in a panty but some people keep forcing her to wear it,” he said about a photo of Alia Bhatt with Sidharth Malhotra. Obviously, Sidharth didn’t take it lying down and asked KRK to shut up! 

Surely, we are confident that KRK is not going to stop his antics.