Dubbed as the ‘Messiah’, or ‘Saviour’ by people, Sonu Sood made a selfless contribution to help underprivileged people during the lockdown and emerged as a real-life hero. From helping people return to their hometowns to providing them with food and shelter, the actor worked day and night to resolve people’s problems. Even after things got a little better, he continued to serve people who approached him for help on Twitter. The actor got a vaccine shot on World Health Day, April 7, as part of his initiative Sanjeevani: A Shot of Life, and has now urged the Ministry Of Health to lower the eligibility for getting the vaccine to age 25.

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“I urge @MoHFW_INDIA to consider 25 years and above getting vaccinated too. With the number of cases rising and even kids getting infected in large numbers with the virus it’s high time we announce the vaccination for 25 years and above. Max number of cases I come across are youngsters (sic),” tweeted Sood. His initiative Sanjeevani: A Shot of Life will also help the vaccination reach the poor.

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Sharing the plan on how his team will execute the vaccination drive, Sood revealed to an online portal, “We started the drive from Amritsar recently and will be covering regions in Punjab. From there, we’ll go to Maharashtra around Nasik, heading to Karnataka and then some villages in and around Indore, spanning over two months.”

“I have learnt new priorities of life. Earlier I was doing good films and making a name for myself. But now I know that bringing a smile to someone’s face is the most satisfying experience one can have. When we gave people jobs, sent them back home, provided education to them, got them healthcare facilities, it helped me grow as an individual and connect with the entire nation. It’s a big responsibility on my shoulders but it is just the beginning and I have to do a lot more still,” said the actor when asked about how the year changed him.