Legendary director Spike Lee is directing a new film which is to be a Netflix original. The film, titled Da 5 Bloods deals with the story of four black war veterans who travel to Vietnam to find the corpse of their squad leader who is played by Chadwick Boseman. That’s not all – they are also searching for a trunk full of gold that they had buried in the jungles of Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Among other things, the film takes Lee’s unique aesthetic and merges it with archival footage of Vietnam, the Kent State protests, and Richard Nixon’s resignation. The music for the trailer of the film which dropped on Monday, is the psychedelic classic from The Chambers Brothers called Time Has Come Today.

Going by the trailer, one can understand that the film also deals with the racial politics of the era when black soldiers were wondering why they were fighting on the side of USA when they had been historically oppressed by the same country.

“The United States Armed Forces came close to being torn apart when black soldiers heard that Dr King was assassinated,” Lee previously told Vanity Fair. “They also heard that their brothers and sisters were tearing shit up in over 100 cities across America. The tipping point came very close; the black soldiers were getting ready to set it off in Vietnam—and not against the Vietcong either.”

Watch the trailer below: