Star Lee Jung-jae Shares A Worrying Update On

“He’s Struggling To Write The Script,” Says Lee Jung-jae About Squid Game S2

He’s, however, excited to see what Dong-hyuk comes up with

Ever since Netflix announced the second season of Squid Game, the internet has been raving about all the possibilities it can lead up to. In fact, even we chimed in on the discussion. However, if the recent comments made by the show’s star give us any indication, we might need to temper our expectations a bit. 

Recently, Lee Jung-jae the main star of the series sat down with People for an interview and gave some concerning comments. He said,  “It feels like he’s [Dong-hyuk] really struggling to write the script. I actually wanted to ask director Hwang about it too.”

The creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has not mapped out a full storyline for the next season yet. Although, that hasn’t deterred Lee Jung-jae in any way, who claims that he’s looking forward to seeing what Hwang and the rest of the time will come up with, adding “But you know, when there’s this present that you want… you’re waiting for that [and] you’re so excited to get it, you don’t want to have it little by little,” 

The South Korean show rose to fame last year, becoming Netflix’s most-watched original in a long time. The streaming platform estimates that within 17 days of its release, the show had garnered over 111 million viewers worldwide, far surpassing the record set by Bridgerton with 82 million viewers. 

Cashing in on the popularity, Netflix also announced a real-life version of the Squid Game, except for the murder, of course. Although you do have to comply with a number of criteria like 1) Participants needs be to at least 21 years old. 2) They must be able to converse in English 3) They must be available for up to 4 weeks in early 2023 for filming.

Coming back to the fictional show though, if were to take stock in Jung-jae’s comments, it looks like we’re at least two years away from getting our favourite game show back.  We think it will be worth the wait.

(Image credits: Netflix)