It won’t be wrong to say that Sushmita Sen is in the best shape of her life right now. Despite having done just one film since 2010 (a Bengali film called Nirbaak), Sushmita’s charm and grace hasn’t faded. On Instagram, she often shares photos and videos of herself sweating it out in the gym, and boy does she look sizzling hot even at 43! 

“My workout keeps changing through the week. It switches between internal training -walking, running, skipping, and strengthening. I don’t like the idea of working out for hours, but keeping my body active from head to toe works. I am not enthusiastic about weight-training, like I was earlier,” she said in an interview with The Times Of India.

She also follows a form of workout called Aerial Silk (AS), which requires her to hang in the air using a special kind of fabric. “AS is a mix of yoga, dancing, ballet and one of the most disciplined martial arts, Kallaripayatu. It’s now a part of my everyday workout and on days, when I am not doing it, I do stretches. They give me a blood rush to stay charged throughout the day and keep my skin glowing. Because you are using your own body weight, each and every muscle is working out, leaving you toned,” she added.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of her Instagram videos (and photos) where she is working out.

We wish we could see you in more films, Sush!