As 90s kid, we remember watching Remix with bated breath after coming home from school. The characters Yuvraj, Tia, Anvesha and Ranveer were extremely close to our hearts and we invested a lot of emotions in them. In fact, a lot of our lunch break conversations revolved around this show. When we were not talking about porn or WWE, that is. 

 The title song was on our lips, and we were very excited whenever it began. Personally, I had a soft corner for Ranveer (Karan Wahi) since he was the most soft spoken of all of them. Much like me. 

I didn’t like Anwesha that much. But then again, the show was something that I could not afford to miss. 

“Remix is the only show I remember each and every aspect of even after all many years… because we all [cast members] were new [at that time] and raw. We gave it [the show] our heart. Everything about Remix is special, and people [still] love me for [playing] Ranveer,” Wahi said in an interview with Hindustan Times.

“I will always be thankful to Goldie Behl and Shrishti Arya for getting me to Mumbai, and making me a star. I’m in touch with more people from Remix than any other show of mine. It feels like you’ve done something really good that people still remember it. I hope the show makes a comeback, and I get to be a part of it again,” he added.

Well, we really hope that the show makes a comeback too. And just in case you came here after seeing the headline. Let’s see what these people are doing now.

Raj Singh Arora (Yuvi)

Right now, Raj Singh Arora is playing the role Mihir Arora in the superhit serial Ye Hai Mohabbatein. It’s not the lead role, but it is not a ‘blink and you miss it’ role either. 

Shweta Gulati (Tia)

You all  remember that dialogue, ‘Tia Ahuja hona koi aisi waisi baat nahi.’ Unfortunately her Instagram account is protected, so we can’t share any latest scoop. But, she has acted in many serials post remix including Durgesh Nandini, Mann mein hai Vishwaas and co-hosted the show Zara Nachke Dikha with Karan Singh Grover. 

Priya Wal (Anvesha)

Anvesha, the cool girl with colored hair stole the heart of many school kids (not mine.) As of now, she seems to be having the time of our life, considering her updates on Instagram. Just two days ago, she posted an update where she declared that she ate a table full of Nepalese food. She also posted an update saying that she was part of this Star luxury cruise called Libra. 

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Yomari.nepalese food. Yes I ate all that on my own.

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To end it all, here’s presenting the title song we all loved. (O e O)