Game Of Thrones

Bringing Sexy Back: TV Shows With The Steamiest Sex Scenes

We love it when two characters we’ve emotionally invested in, get down and dirty.

You might think filming sex scenes is the best job in the world, but it’s not as much fun as it looks. A lot of times, these scenes are choreographed like a dancing routine, so that no one feels like they are being groped. There are a lot of retakes and a lot of small adjustments are made by the director to ensure that a scene looks aesthetically brilliant.

But then as they say, one should worry about eating mangoes and not about counting its seeds. We love it when two characters we’ve emotionally invested in, get down and dirty. So it’s obvious that a lot of our TV shows, are the ones that have sizzling sex scenes (that deserve several rewinds). 


A historical drama set in Rome, Spartacus sees a lot of ripped men satisfy their lust. Beware, not all of the scenes are arousing – some are pretty disturbing as well.

Game Of Thrones

Probably the biggest TV show on earth, watching Game Of Thrones can be risky – you might skip work, because you need to watch 10 more episodes in a day. It’s filled with a lot of sex scenes – some incestuous, some featuring a dwarf (Tyrion’s quite the ladies man) and one showing a celibate man break his vow.

Orange Is The New Black

A lot of the show is set in prison, and that’s not a place suitable for a comedy drama, right? Wrong. OITNB is funny, and it has a lot of erotic lesbian sex scenes that are saucier than tomato ketchup.

Shameless (US)

Shameless is a comedy show based on poor people (the Gallagher family, basically) and their struggles. Some of the sex scenes are pure gross, and some are wilder than anything you’ve ever seen. 

Sense 8

Fans of science fiction will love Sense 8, which is based on eight people from around the world connected by thoughts and actions. “The sex scenes are less pornographic, more like oil paintings,” one of its actors, Max Riemel was quoted as saying by Watch the show yourself to see if that claim has any merit. (Also: there’s a special surprise in the video for Indian viewers – it has Purab Kohli in it.)


We love time-travel, and we love Caitriona Balfe. Outlander has both, and to top it, it has some scenes that are too hot to handle once you’ve dived into the narrative.


Do you want to see the President Of United States get hot and naughty? If yes, then Scandal is a political thriller that won’t leave you disappointed.

How To Get Away With Murder

A legal drama, watching How to Get Away With Murder can get pretty intense. Which is why it’s good to see some hot sex scenes, that serve as breathers in the otherwise ‘crime-dominated’ story.