Schitt’s Creek has been adored by audiences and critics alike, as made clear by the many awards the show has received, like their record-breaking 9 awards at the 2020 Emmys, sweeping the comedy genre.

This year, the Roses got back together on the very stages of the Emmys and it is like nothing has changed.

The four presented two awards but ran into a little bit of a glitch as they presented the first, Writing for a Comedy Series.

“Thank you so much, there is nothing on the prompter,” Dan Levy says as the applause is still dying down, in the truest of David fashions.

They try to figure out what is wrong, Catherine O’Hara believes they should just open the envelope and announce the winner while Annie Murphy asks for a “tech guy,” before Eugene Levy floats the idea that this may not be a mistake.

Very quickly the team catches on and asks him why someone would want them embarrassed on national television, And Eugene claims to have no knowledge of that.

“Why is your face being weird?” Murphy asks him as he is still fumbling for words.

“Eugene, did you do something?” O’Hara asked finally. Eugene admitted to asking the Emmy writers to “lift the writing a little bit.”

For the second time around, as they were presenting the award for Directing for a Comedy, they were graced with the teleprompter. However, it had no lines for Eugene.

“No lines,” he kept saying.

However, O’Hara let him read out the name of the winner.

Both awards were won by the team behind Hacks.

Schitt’s Creek won a total of nine Emmys at the 72nd rendition last year, the most ever for a comedy in a single year.

The show may have ended but the younger Levy once told the media that he adored telling the stories of these people so much, he may want to do it again.

Schitt’s Creek starred father-son duo Dan and Eugene Levy, O’Hara and Murphy as the Roses, a formerly well-off family who lost all their money and are forced to live in a small town the show is named after, starting off a series of events that makes them change their ways as people and as a family.

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