If you are like any other kid who is obsessed with space, this one is for you. Now that it’s been a trend among the billionaires to take a ride to space, you can enjoy the same with these space agencies offering a free ride beyond the earth.

These space agencies are willing to take you to space for free if you are lucky enough to win a lucky draw.

Virgin Galactic Lucky Draw

Richard Branson’s company has a lucky draw option that will offer two free tickets on one of the first commercial space flights, which is supposed to happen in 2022. The registration is open till September 1, and the winner will be announced around September 29. Both the tickets will be given to a single winner and whoever wins them can bring their friend, partner or guest along. If you are an Indian, you are eligible to register.

Issacman’s raffle for SpaceX mission:

Jared Issacman has announced that he will take a three- or a four-day trip beyond the earth’s gravity. Issacman has given two seats on the spacecraft to a free children’s hospital — St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital whereas, he has raffled off the last seat, which is for free.

NASA and Axiom’s Private Astronaut:

For Ax-2, two mission specialists are yet to be announced and you can apply on their website if you want to get a ticket. After Ax-2, more private missions are coming as the company has already signed a deal with SpaceX for Ax-3 and Ax-4.

Dear Moon Project

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa is working with SpaceX for a mission called, dearMoon. Maezawa expects the crew members to produce art expressing their experience of being in space. As of now, the applications to join are closed now. For further updates and more missions, you can keep checking their website.