One of India’s TikTok stars, Riyaz Ali held a live session with pop singer Justin Bieber wherein they discussed the country’s COVID-19 situation, amongst other things.

“What’s Covid looking like over there?” Bieber asked from his home in the US.

“Covid is still going on. Like, a crazy thing is going on,” Riyaz Ali responded to Bieber’s question.

Then, the singer went on to ask if people were wearing masks to which the TikTok star answered in the affirmative and Bieber replied: “Damn”.

Naturally, Riyaz Ali’s fans were thrilled that Ali was speaking with Justin Bieber who became a global phenomenon post the release of Baby.


The musician recently released his song, Monster with Shawn Mendes. They wrote the song in collaboration with Daniel Caeser, Frank Dukes, and Mustafa, the Poet.