Yes, we know that you are wondering about why we are subjecting you to this torture. Well, we believe that sometimes going through bad stuff makes us appreciate the good stuff more. And it’s always good to laugh at the expense of a celebrity who doesn’t even know that you exist. So, this Thursday, let’s go back in time to look at some extremely embarrassing photoshoots from the 90s.

Shakti Kapoor


Trust us, we think Shakti Kapoor was one of the better actors of the 90s especially in comic (remember Crime Master Gogo) and villainous roles. He did a lot of films (almost 10 per year) during the early 90s, but this photo from one of his shoots is what we would like to remember him by. It takes a lot of time to build an image, just a second to destroy it.

Akshay Kumar

We want to find the fashion stylist responsible for doing this to Akshay Kumar. The man made his way up from scratch, and was one of the actors responsible for revolutionizing action cinema. This picture though makes us laugh because it is ridiculous, which we don’t think was the intention of people responsible for producing it.


Govinda did some really wild things in his films, but this one takes the cake. I mean this is worse than decoration done by first standard students as part of an activity. How much money was spent on this? Why did this happen at all? These are questions we will have to take to our grave.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Filmfare share a strong relationship, we understand that. What we don’t understand is why is the most successful actor of that era resorting to something like this? Really, a football/basketball (we are only guessing) under a T-Shirt. And how can SRK smile so effortlessly after being in such an awkward spot?

Jackie Shroff

Image source: Pinterest

Jackie Shroff oozed style (still does) and one had to do something really terrible to rob him off his charm. But someone did do something really terrible in this photoshoot, like paint a bird on his body.