Celebrity chef Vikas Khanna who recently turned filmmaker with The Last Colour has made some astonishing claims about the Bollywood film industry. The chef has tweeted about how he is being threatened and there are monetary demands being made of him, failing which he will be “destroyed”.

“When I used to hear @KanganaTeam speak about this issue of critics and favouritism and nepotism it used to hurt my heart. But, today I experience it first hand. Minions won’t let outsiders enter even if they put their heart and soul in the craft. It’s painful to hear: ‘Pay or we’ll destroy you’,” Vikas Khanna wrote on the micro-blogging site, Twitter.

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“Manish Ji, this is what breaks my heart. I can endure a lot because I have your support. But for newcomers, it is very very tough due to these minions,” he also wrote in response to another tweet.

Vikas Khanna turned filmmaker last week when his film, The Last Colour released on Amazon Prime Video. The film stars actress Neena Gupta in the lead role.

According to Hindustan Times, the celebrity chef spoken about the film, saying: “It’s a very simple story capturing the richness of India. I found this story so compelling that I couldn’t resist telling it to the world. I mean, imagine being denied the right to touch colour. My life is all about colour in the form of spices and vegetables; the thought that if someone took that privilege away from me, drove me crazy.”

However, while the chef has been retweeting praise about his film, he also tweeted that he was asked Rs 3 Lakh for 3 stars and Rs 4 Lakh for 4 stars and that he was never “forgetting this communication until death”.

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