Vineet Kumar made his debut as a lead actor in the Anurag Kashyap directed 2018 sleeper hit, Mukkabaaz but the actor has been earning praise for a while now with his roles in Bombay Talkies, Gangs of Wasseypur, Ugly and Daas Dev.
Somewhat of a current Netflix favourite, Kumar was last seen in Bard of Blood and the recently released Betaal.
MW sat down to chat with the actor about the changes in his life and the future. Take a look.

How has life been after Mukkabaaz?

My life has completely changed. I have a lot more opportunities now and because of that film, I got Bard of Blood and Betaal.

What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in your life after Mukkabaaz?

Earlier, I didn’t have much of choice – I did whatever I got but now, after the film, I have the luxury of making choices. I barely had any choices earlier but now, I get to try out new things because of the opportunities I’m getting.

How was it acting in Saand Ki Aankh?

I have two sisters and my elder sister has participated and won a gold medal at the Asian Games. I’m from Varanasi and I remember taking my sister to the fields to practice. I had to stay there when she used to practice and Saand Ki Aankh helped me relive my experiences and act according to my memories.

Tell us a little about Gunjan Saxena?

It’s something new. The role I’m playing in Gunjan Saxena is very different from what I’ve done to date.

How did Netflix approach you?

After Mukkabaaz, I was looking for something on OTT platforms. I wanted to be connected to the digital medium. I was getting a lot of offers and was just waiting for the right thing. As an actor, what I did in Bard of Blood was something I’ve never tried before. Playing the role of a special agent helped me unravel a lot of layers.

What’s the difference in acting for a film as compared to acting in a series?

There’s not much of a difference. In a series, you get more freedom as an actor. When I was shooting for Betaal or Bard of Blood, I never got the opportunity to feel like I’m doing something else. The production value and other things are all like in a movie but as an actor, you can play around with your character in a series. In the cinema, because of the time, you cannot go into detail when it comes to characterization.

Can you elaborate?

In a series, as an actor, you have access to more detailing. You can really build your character because there is more screen time. You get to take a deep look at your character.

What can we expect from you in the future?

There are a lot of things I’m playing around with. This is just the beginning for me. There are a lot of things that I don’t wish to do but I’m still going along with them. I have five releases in the future and I’m excited to experiment in the future.