Many directors have narrated tales form the dark quarters of Mumbai’s underworld and Ram Gopal Verma has become the latest one to take up the mantle; and how! The trailer of his upcoming web series ‘Guns and Thighs – A Saga of the Mumbai Mafia’ was launched over the weekend and it comes in as a whiff of fresh air by breaking various taboos that govern mainstream Indian productions. 

The series, which will span over four seasons of 10 episodes each, has been produced by Stormcell Entertainment, a German Production house owned by Boris Groenemeyer, informed a press release. It will be another addition to the diversified canvas of the Sarkar director, who released the third edition of the Amitabh Bachchan movie series recently. 

Coming back to the iconoclastic nature of things in Guns and Thighs, it takes up violence in its crudest form, alongside depicting unprecedented nudity. It talks about how there was once a time when everything, form the executive to the film industry, worked as per the whims and fancies of Mumbai’s underworld. At almost seven minutes, the trailer for RGV’s ‘most ambitious project’ though comes across as a little too long. 

“Some in the know might feel that I have dealt with this in my films like Satya and Company but nothing could be further from the truth. Satya and Company were not real. Guns and Thighs is real, since for various reasons I couldn’t tell the real story in a film I decided to tell it here in the digital world,” said the eccentric director in the release.

Moreover, there is also a farrago of expletives being exchanged especially between the ‘righteous’ cops and the members of the mafia – which at times, feels kinda uncalled for. The excessive usage of the Hindi slang for a woman’s private parts forms the bit where things could have gone a little less overboard. 

All in all however, the series comes across as a bold attempt to throw light on the time period that saw the heights of a freakish nexus between the ‘underworld, Bollywood, cops, businessmen and politicians.’ Watch the trailer here: