Hello Upper East Siders, have you heard about the new Gossip Girl in town? Well, she just revealed herself in the very beginning.

Unlike the original Gossip Girl, the identity of the Gossip Girl has been revealed in the reboot. Kristen Bell is still voicing the iconic character. The reboot is set in the same universe as the original and it tells the stories of a new generation of Manhattan’s elite and the drama, scandal, secrets, sex and lies they get up to.


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It was revealed that a group of teachers at Constance Billard, led by Kate Keller played by Tavi Gevinson revives Gossip Girl by way of an as-yet-unverified Instagram account. Though Kristen Bell still voices the digital pot-stirrer, the reboot gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how each game-changing post is acquired, vetted and posted.

Some fans aren’t so impressed by who the new GG is, so here are some of the Twitter reactions to sum up it.




She also has a slightly different mission statement this time around. Whereas the original referred to herself as “your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite,” Gossip Girl 2.0 announce herself as “your one and only source for the truth behind the scandalous lies of New York’s elite.” These might seem like minor differences, but it’s all very deliberate.

“The joke has always been that even on the original show, not everybody lived on the Upper East Side,” Joshua Safran says. “She now also says scandalous lies, not lives. There are little subtle changes in all of it to reflect our world. She’s not just showing you rich people, she’s exposing rich people’s lies. The first time around, Dan was the poorest kid and he lived in Dumbo, and now the richest character lives in Dumbo. I wanted to reflect on what New York is today. People live everywhere. No 20-year-old in their right mind wants to live on the Upper East Side.”

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