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Arjun Kapoor Should Just Retire. Here’s Why

Mubarakan will release this Friday, and we’re definitely not excited about it.

Mubarakan will release this Friday, and we’re definitely not excited about it. Like most Anees Bazmee films, this one too will be extremely inane and we can make that out from the trailer itself. The only thing exciting about the film is that it will see Arjun Kapoor with his chachu Anil Kapoor. 

Bazmee could be the only one looking forward to it because just as we were coping with one Arjun Kapoor in Bollywood, he shoved another one in our face (Yes, he’s also committed this sin previously).

The Kapoor kid will be seen in a double role in this comedy as well, and we couldn’t be more fed up. Just check out the recently released trailer and you’ll know exactly why. 


We’re sure that he’ll screw himself over playing a turbaned Sikh, just like he embarrassed himself playing a Bihari in his last release Half Girlfriend

While critics called the film the ‘cinematic equivalent of an ulcer,’ Arjun Kapoor’s Madhav was labelled as a ‘lumbering fool’ by Rajeev Masand. 

The 2 States actor though believes that films are made for fans and not critics.

But hang on Mr Kapoor, here’s what some fans on Quora are saying about you.


This gentleman was responding to the question ‘Who is the least talented actor in Bollywood?’

Having debuted in 2012 with Ishaqzaade, the 31-year-old has hardly won any awards of significance. He however, is a legend at the Golden Kela awards, Bollywood’s equivalent of the Razzies. 

The actor claimed top honours (Worst Actor) for Tevar in 2015 after completing a hat-trick of nominations. And why not; remember his shite performances in Finding Fanny, Aurangzeb and Gunday? Hell, he’s a Salman Khan die-hard, what else do you expect! 

And what’s with that public persona that he tries so hard to portray! He was miserable even as a the host of the IIFA awards in 2015 and later at the TV show Fear Factor the following year.

Even throughout AIB’s much talked-about roast, he felt seriously out-of-place alongside Ranveer Singh. 

Only the Padmavati actor can pull of his eccentric dressing style, but his co-actor doesn’t seem to understand even that. He embodied the exact definition of irony at a ‘Best Dressed’ awards ceremony recently.

‘HELP! He is in immediate need to get out of that long embroidered jacket’ said a website in the aftermath. 

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In a world where everyone already has their own set of troubles, we don’t deserve an Arjun Kapoor on our silver screens. 

So please Arjun, if you’re reading this, have some mercy on us and for god sake, please retire!