Nicki Minaj recently showed off her baby bump and announced that she is pregnant. Naturally, fans flooded the comments and tweeted their congratulatory messages. But oddly enough, Tom Holland was being mentioned and congratulated for being a father and having a baby with Nicki Minaj. So much so that he started trending on Twitter. But it was obviously not true and all just an inside joke shared between thousand of Tom Holland fans. Here is all you need to know.


Holland’s fans quickly explained to confused Twitter users that it was all related to a 2019 meme that depicted a love triangle between Minaj, Holland and YouTube star James Charles. The viral meme had a Holland fan account post fake subtitles of the pair expressing their love for one another.

“It’s been a joke for years,” one fan explained, adding: “No idea how it started but people started to make these edits about Tom Holland and Nicki being a thing.

Scroll through some hilarious fan tweets: