Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan held yet another one of his famous ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions on Twitter where he took on questions and requests from fans and trolls alike. What’s fun about these sessions is that we get to witness Khan’s witty replies – a rarity amongst celebrities these days.

One of the trolls asked the actor if he was planning on selling his home, Mannat. “Bhai Mannat bechne wale ho kya,” they had asked.

Bhai Mannat bikti nahi sar jhuka kar maangi jaati hai….yaad rakhoge toh life mein kuch paa sakogay (Brother, you cannot sell Mannat–Urdu word for a prayer– but asked for it with a bowed head. Remember this if you want to achieve anything in life),” Khan replied, sending netizens and media outlets (including this one) into a frenzy.