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WTF: This Film Festival Screened A Sci-Fi Film From Inside A Coffin

Doesn’t get more creepy than this

Filmmakers have always tried to be unique in the ways they present their films to their audience, especially if it’s a horror or sci-fi film. But this Swedish film screening took it up a notch by screening a film from inside a coffin. 

According to a report by Hollywood Reporter, some (un)lucky volunteers were placed inside a casket to watch the film, Aniara at the Goteborg Film Festival in Sweden. The coffin was fitted with a screen at the top along with speakers and air vents. This unique screening was dubbed as the “sarcophagus screening.”

Aniara is a Swedish apocalyptic sci-fi drama, where a spaceship gets knocked off-course en route to Mars. The report quoted the festival’s director, Jonas Holmberg saying that it serves as “a metaphor for Earth, that the future of our planet could be this kind of sarcophagus, floating alone through space as we use up our natural resources.”

“Our goal was to find a way to take the experience of the film, and the apocalypse, further. To take the sense of aloneness and claustrophobia and strengthen it,” he added.

According to Holmberg, trapping people inside a sealed coffin is used to enhance the bleak themes of the movie’s late-era capitalism dystopian setting, said the report. 

If you find yourself inside this coffin and feel like it’s getting a bit too much handle, there’s a red panic button you can smash that will help resurrect you.