November just started off and it’s already delivered some news pieces that were borderline unbelievable. Here’s everything that’s made us go WTF so far this month:

The Terminator Faces A Loss Of $100 Million

Okay, we definitely saw this coming. The Terminator film didn’t have enough to hold it’s own at the box office in the year 2019. But the film not only critically bashed, but it also fell in a loss of over $100 USD. Hopefully, this can now act as a warning sign to any veteran actors looking to remake another one of their films. We’re looking at you Fast & Furious.


Apple Will Be Working With Counter-Strike Developers For Its New AR Headset

It’s not every day that you hear Apple collaborating with a gaming franchise. This time, the California-based tech juggernaut will be joining hands with Valve, the developers of the popular game Counter-Strike, to work on their new AR headset. Valve is the same company responsible for making HTC’s renowned VR headset.


Conor Mcgregor Pleads Guilty To His Bar Assault Case

In other news, Conor McGregor actually admits to something true in his life. McGregor pleaded guilty in court on his bar assault charge last week in Dublin. The assault took place when the mixed martial artist was in the Dublin bar promoting his brand, and he was charged a 1000 euro fine for the case.


Facebook To Ban The Eggplant And Peach Emoji

That’s right. Put a hold to your sexting because Facebook wants to ban the beloved eggplant and peach emoji. If you use the emojis, you will be flagged for “Sexual Solicitation.” Go ahead, Facebook, you think we don’t have other phallic-shaped emojis? It probably isn’t a huge loss because absolutely nobody uses Facebook to sext unless you’re a desperate Indian man sending “show bobs” messages to women. But Instagram will have this ban too, so bad news for you fucbois. Better pack up and take your hormones to Snapchat once again.


Microsoft’s Four Day Working Week Implementation in Japan Boosts Productivity

Again, this shouldn’t be coming as a shocking factoid. Just give us a four-day working week already. The Microsoft office in Japan was closed on Fridays for the whole month of August. Meetings were limited to a maximum of 30 minutes and online discussions were encouraged as an alternative to face-to-face. The result? a 40 per cent boost in productivity. Take notes, India.