The party’s over, and apart from the fond memories that you might have of the night, you’re left with a hangover that seems like it was made in a special place called Hell. That said, you can take some action to counter the dizziness and the headache and we’re listing the best ways to do so.  

Drink some more

Not the healthiest of options, but hey, a pint of beer works like a charm. You don’t have to repeat your exceptional performance from the night before. Just drink a little bit to get that buzz back on. That said, use it wisely as you don’t want to turn into an alcoholic who can’t function in society.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Drinking lots of water is the best option, as it helps mitigate that horrible feeling of dehydration that comes hand-in-hand with too much alcohol. You can also chug sports drinks which work just as well.

Sleep it off

It’s difficult to sleep with headaches, but remember, your body will thank you if you do. Nothing works better than your ability to heal yourself with some rest. Obviously, if you have to turn up for work, this option goes out of the window.

Painkillers to the rescue

If your headache is too bad, you can consider taking an Ibuprofen tablet which is a potent painkiller. At all costs, avoid taking anything that contains Acetaminophen as it doesn’t go well with alcohol, and takes a serious toll on your liver.

Get a massage

If you can get someone (or pay someone) to give you a head massage that works on your scalp and forehead, nothing better. Else, you can just try giving yourself a massage. Just watch this video to know how.