Who doesn’t like a big, juicy burger? We certainly love the comforting feeling of having one. Which is why when we heard about McDonald’s launching a Dosa Burger, we wondered whether other countries would have similar area-specific burgers too. To our delight, we found many and are listing five of the most delicious-looking ones. If you can travel and try them all, we’re very jealous.

Dosa Burger (India)

south indian brioche

Masala Dosa in a burger is a combination we can’t imagine, which makes us doubly excited about trying it!

Double Deluxe Shrimp Burger (South Korea)


This sumptuous looking burger seems to be seafood-lover’s ultimate treat, as it has two layers of shrimp. Alas, you’ll have to go to South Korea for it.

Gracoro Burger (Japan)


This one looks like a fat cousin of the traditional burger, but with so much cheese and shrimp, we won’t be surprised if its delicious.

Bagel Burger (France)


Another creative product, this burger has a bagel instead of a bun. From what we hear, it’s creamy and delicious but was only launched for a limited period.

Mighty Angus Burger (Australia)


Made from beef acquired from Angus cattle, the Mighty Angus Burger is a huge hit among the Aussies. So you now know what to order if you run into an Australian McDonald’s.