When he stepped into the limelight, he wasn’t your typical Bollywood hunk with a ripped body and neither was he an ardent fitness enthusiast. However, he underwent a massive transformation in a short span of time. We’re talking about the latest Kapoor whose dedication is truly inspiring: Arjun Kapoor. The actor’s physique is the perfect example of how a structured workout schedule and insane discipline will get you results. The actor hit the gym regularly and got his nutrition on track and that means the right amount of protein. His social media is a look at his road to fitness; a journey that was not easy, but definitely worth it. While workouts done right get you results, the kind of protein you consume is top priority too. So, for Arjun Kapoor, who takes his fitness journey seriously, ensures his protein goals are met with the help of Scitron.

Launched in 2018, sports nutrition brand Scitron provides research-backed and result-oriented supplements to those who want to reach the pinnacle of physical strength and health.

Scitron Advance Whey is proven to deliver excellent results, and the Milk Chocolate flavour means it’s also delicious.

The actor is fond of chocolates, but never found a healthier substitute for it. The Scitron Advance Whey Milk Chocolate flavour option fits perfectly into Kapoor’s meal plan and satisfies his cravings as well. After all, Scitron Advance Whey aims to provide its customers with a nutritional supplement that is tasty beyond doubt, with equal focus on energy and health, all of which the actor was looking for.

Arjun Kapoor shares, “Since I was a kid, chocolate has been my weakness. But too much chocolate is not good for your health. As a result, I started searching for a way to fulfill my chocolate cravings and found the
perfect substitute — Scitron Advance Whey. It has been perfect for my daily fitness. So just like me, instead of killing your chocolate cravings, Scitron Advance Whey Milk Chocolate #TryKar.”

The Advance Whey works to deliver excellent results, and is also extremely tempting because of the milk chocolate flavour. It could be termed ‘India’s tastiest protein’. A scoop of India’s tastiest protein — the Scitron Advance Whey in Milk Chocolate flavour — fuels Kapoor’s workouts and let’s him go hard.

Ravi Rohra, co-founder of Scitron, has been a pioneer in introducing authentic and genuine products. He commented, “We aim to revolutionise the fitness industry with Scitron. We’ve introduced protein powders
in multiple categories and flavours. They will not just work on your fitness but will also go well with your taste. We chose Arjun Kapoor to bring attention to the fact that if he can overcome his cravings with the help of Scitron and get fitter, then anyone can. We’re looking forward to collaborating with many such personalities and making Scitron a must-try protein powder for everyone.”

Scitron is a brand focused on delivering accessible, high-quality, and distinctive products. With a highly
scalable business model in a booming industry, Scitron is at the forefront of a nutritional revolution with cutting-edge and impeccable formulas.