If you’re looking for something to make your Holi a little more special with fine wine, look no further than Fratelli Vineyards’ SETTE 2012 Vintage. It tastes amazing, and is bound to be appreciated by your friends and family. Celebrate the Holi morning with colours, and unwind in the evening with lovely conversations and a glass (or two) of this excellent wine.

If you need proof of the wine’s quality, note that it is made using the top one percent of the grapes from the estate owned vineyards of Fratelli. It is a barrel aged red wine matured in French oak for fourteen months giving an exceptional quality creation. It is made by Piero Masi, a master winemaker from Italy, who has used all of his craftsmanship and artistry in the preparation of this wine.

The pleasant and refined notes of wood are well merged with the wine, adding to SETTE a balanced vanilla flavour, which is typical of French oak barrels. This handcrafted wine displays ripe flavours of plum and blackberry accented with notes of spice and vanilla, and hints of black currant and cherry.

It is available in wine shops, at a price of Rs. 3600 in Delhi and Rs. 4000 in Maharashtra. Not a big amount to shell out for something that is made with so much care and effort.