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Cocktails for the Stars

Two mixologists create eight cocktails inspired by film stars

_MG_0451RED HOT PADUKONEdeepika-padukone
Ingredients: 150ml cranberry juice, 15ml each of peach schnapps and orange liqueur, 40ml vodka and a dash of sweet and sour mix
What’s Deepika about it: Remember Deepika in Cocktail dancing to ‘Main Sharabi’? Sexy, intoxicating and too-hot-to-handle — this drink is inspired by Deepika at her primal best.
How to make it: Shake all the ingredients in a Boston shaker and double strain the mix into a martini glass washed with orange liqueur. Add some flamed orange peel for an extra burst of citric oils.

_MG_0538BIKINI BABEkatrina-kaif-2
Ingredients: 45ml white rum, 15ml each of coconut liqueur and blue curaçao and 200ml of coconut water
What’s Katrina about it: No one has rocked the bikini as consistently as Katrina. From Boom to Bang Bang, she has been the stuff of every man’s dream. Summer sun, beaches and Katrina rising from the sea inspired this drink.
How to make it: Put a spoonful of crushed ice in a highball glass and pour the blue curaçao, rum and liqueur one after the other. Top with coconut water, more ice and orange slices.

: 60ml gin, 225ml lime juice, 15ml each of honey and ginger syrup, splash of soda.
What’s Ranveer about it: Girls love Ranveer and girls love gin. Like Ranveer, this drink needs to be consumed in small doses. Drink it slowly.
How to make it: Muddle all the ingredients with ice in a shaker and pour the mix into a mule mug for a desi touch. Top it up with soda.


BAD BOYsalman_khan_660_071613021300
Ingredients: 250ml tomato juice, dashes of horseradish paste and Worcestershire sauce, 60ml vodka, salt, pepper and lime to taste
What’s Salman about it: This manly drink will make you feel like the ‘Dabangg’ you want to be.
How to make it: Mix all the ingredients and pour them into a beer mug with ice. Rim the mug with salt and pepper. Garnish with  celery leaves.

_MG_0049SUNNY NIGHTSsunny-leone
Ingredients: 60ml cognac, 22.5ml lemon juice, 15ml each of honey and ginger syrup, assorted whole spices and water for steaming.
What’s Sunny about it: Alcohol and spices muddled with honey and ginger and served steaming hot.
How to make it: Mix all the ingredients in a shaker, then steam them in a coffee steamer and pour them into a brandy balloon glass. Serve hot, obviously.


LA DREAMSpriyanka
Ingredients: 45ml dark rum, 22.5ml pineapple juice, 15ml maraschino cherry liqueur, 5ml grenadine syrup.
What’s Priyanka about it: Priyanka is all things glitzy and glamorous. Inspired by her, this drink has fun and fruity hints with a kick and a beautiful citrus aftertaste.
How to make it: Mix all the ingredients and double strain them into a cocktail glass. Serve hot, obviously.

_MG_0473MR. TOO-GOOD-TO-BE-TRUEhrithik-roshan
: 45ml absinthe, 10ml each of vodka and white rum, a dash of lime.
What’s Hrithik about it: Like the name suggests, this drink has the body, the looks and the flavour, and once you’re done with it, your dancing skills will be tough to beat.
How to make it: Pour the absinthe, vodka and rum one after the other into a rock glass and fill it to the brim with crushed ice.

_MG_0043SHER KHANshahrukh-khan
: 45ml bourbon whiskey, 15ml cognac, 7.5ml sugar syrup, a dash of Angostura bitters and 3 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters.
What’s Shah Rukh about it: This drink is complex and classic, perfect for anyone who is king  of their domain, like Khan is.
How to make it: Take an old-fashioned glass, rub orange rind on the rim and rinse it with absinthe. Stir all the ingredients and strain them  into the glass.

Location courtesy: Please Don’t Tell and The Bar Stock Exchange