It’s Friday — anxiety levels for the weekend to approach are at an all-weak high and Instagram is your best friend. We know you’re scrolling away to glory and only a nice bunch of food (or nude) posts and save you till the clock hits 6. 

So being the nice people we are, we’ve curated a list of accounts for you to follow and seek comfort in. Hit it!

Unilad Grub (@uniladgrub)



Tag a mate who would take on this challenge 😏🍔🍔🍔 (@issac_eatsalot)

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You’ve got one life, so stop giving too many fucks about calories. This is the mantra that these guys thrive on. Somebody just jizzed in their pants lusting after that burger! 

Food Videos and DIY (@foodydiy)



Easy 3 Ingredient treats❤️ 📹 by @soyummy

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If cooking is on your mind this weekend, this is where you come for enlightenment. These guys have a bucketload of recipes that you can easily try at home, especially if you have a sweet tooth, or more.

The Ice Cream King (@icecreamking)



Easy 3 Ingredient treats❤️ 📹 by @soyummy

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Talking of desserts, this one’s for you ice cream fans who want to drool over your phone screen all day. We spent an hour scrolling down this account before recollecting that we had to write about it as well.

Pasta (@pasta)


It was a terrible idea to compile this list just before lunchtime. And after discovering this one, we actually had to step out and have some pasta. Don’t trust us? Try it out for yourself.