Recently, Ikea Taiwan launched a new snack, Ice Dog. A hot dog bun filled with five scoops of ice-cream. A few people considered this as a weird combination of food, which lead us to discovering other such combinations that people actually enjoy.

Sure, you do like a mixture of chocolate and peanut butter but there are people who swear by these food combinations. Take a look at the most weirdest and loved food combinations.

Ice cream and Fries

A combination of fries dipped in ice-cream is really loved by some. The combination of salty and sweet turns out to be next level.

Coffee and butter

A slice of butter is added to a cup of coffee. People have this combination for lasting energy with no crash, accelerated calorie burning, and a mental boost.

Olive oil and Ice cream

If you haven’t tried it, you might be hesitant about this combination, but plenty of people swear by it. For a true salty-sweet combo, try adding olive oil to vanilla ice cream.

Salt and Chocolate Milk

A pinch of salt to your regular chocolate milk is loved by many. Here again, the salt-sweet combination takes over the taste.

Coca Cola and Fried Chicken 

If google ‘cola chicken’, you will find numerous recipes of the combo. The salt-sweet combo is very similar to sweet meat flavorings, like teriyaki or sweet barbecue sauce.