With Ganesh Chaturthi right around the corner, it’s time to indulge yourself in the festival’s favourite delicacy – modaks. Every year in Maharashtra, homemakers and restaurants come up with a special modak menu to cater for this festive occasion. To make the occasion special, we have curated a list to help you out with food gifting.

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Ether Atelier has launched a festive collection inspired by Ganesh Chaturthi, titled ‘Moriya’. They offer two unique cakes – Moriya Coco, which is a delightful rice pudding, fresh coconut and cashew and Moriya Mango, which is also a rice pudding with mango and saffron.


Ganesh Chaturthi

For the festive occasion, Le Pure Chocolatier has introduced artisanal modak bonbons in innovative flavours and combinations like the Indian inspired Rose and pistachio praline, extravagant and suave Saffron ganache, classic Salted Caramel, Espresso, nutty, fragrant and indulgent Coconut and almond praline and lastly the heavenly Nostimo hazelnut.


Ganesh Chaturthi

This Ganesh Chaturthi, go for NOTO’s latest launch – vegan ice-creams. A collection of frozen guilt-free desserts, which is dairy-free, with zero added sugar and is made using almond protein. The range is available in five flavours – dark chocolate, mocha almond, pistachio, salted caramel, mango and raspberry.


Ganesh Chaturthi

Specially curated for vegans in the city, Yogisattva’s limited-edition vegan and gluten-free modak menu is here to allow you to enjoy sweets guilt-free. The menu features vegan coconut modak, vegan coconut and mango modak, vegan besan modak, vegan chocolate walnut modak and many others.


Ganesh Chaturthi

Dry fruits are the forever classics which one can never go wrong with, especially when the occasion is an Indian festival. Bring home the joy of festivities with their range of bespoke hamper or customize your own with delectable and unique offerings like Salted Caramel Almonds, Turkish Apricot, Mixed dry fruit – Irani Pistachio, Afghani Black Raisins, Peri Peri Cashews, Irani Mumro Almonds, American Cranberry and more.


Ganesh Chaturthi

JW Marriot Mumbai Sahar’s Chef Santosh Rawat has curated a decadent box of artisanal modaks to celebrate the festival. These modaks are handcrafted in six enticing flavours such as Kesar Mawa, Rose Kalakand, Dark Chocolate, Dry Fruit Anjeer, Roasted Almond and Slivered Pistachio.


Jhama Sweets has introduced flavoured modaks to get you in the festive spirit. From white kaju modak to yellow kesar modak, they have an array of selections to choose from.

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