Even with the restricted timing and the pandemic clouding everyone’s mood, the F&B industry, despite being badly hit, has relentlessly kept coming up with newer menus, restaurants, and delivery systems to ensure that we’re not totally deprived of our need and interest to eat out. I did a whole series of columns last year celebrating many such new ventures, and here’s another update to the latest ones on the block.

The Quorum

The Member's Lounge at The Quorum Mumbai
Photo Credit: Akshay Pawar (Maiden Consultancy & Networks).

The exclusive lifestyle club from Gurugram has now come to Mumbai. The Quorum will have an evolving food and beverage scene, which will be led by Sonya Jehan & Chef Pranay Kumar Singh, and other world class chefs will be joining the team as well. They plan to explore flavours from across the globe, using locally-sourced ingredients. Chef Johnny Meitei will be the head chef in Mumbai, and will bring his flair for fine French cuisine and the exquisite flavours of modern European fare to the menus. Café Reed, which is open to all, will be launching later in August. The Quorum, of course, is beyond just restaurants, it’s a one-stop shop to eat, shop, socialise, and experience, and even work from.

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Roasted Cauliflower

Plural is a new restaurant that celebrates the tastes, textures, and forms of distinctly authentic vegetarian dishes from Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Located in the quaint lanes of Kala Ghoda, the newly launched restaurant and delivery kitchen is flavourful and experimental with a vast menu that includes Summer Rolls, Vietnamese mainstays such as Banh Mi, Banh Canh (Udon noodles) and Mi Kieu Mach (Buckwheat noodles), vegan and gluten-free desserts such as Fudge Cake and the Miso Caramel Tart, along with thoughtfully curated cocktails.

Louis Burger

The Limited Edition Burgers

Restaurateur Zorawar Kalra’s Massive Restaurants has launched a virtual restaurant to bring gourmet burgers to your doorstep with Louis Burger – signature craft burgers created as a tribute to the legendary Louis Lassen for introducing the concept of the burger to the world. With in-house freshly-baked, milk washed buns that are soft as clouds to exclusively sourced cheese, these burgers will make your weekend. Believe me, because I tried them on a weekday, and really wished it was Friday night instead.

GOD Café


GOD, or Goodness of Dairy Café, is for those who want to go back to Indian roots. With a sattvic food menu, GOD Café serves dishes invoking the principles of Ayurveda. GOD Café centres around founder Sheetal Bhatt’s aim to spread the Goodness of Dairy produced with A2 milk reared from Gir Cows, and stir a healthy dialogue of consuming the purest form of milk. The food is made in cold-pressed oil and A2 ghee, which are not reused for frying. Healthy, neat, and very tasty.

The Vanakkam Cafe

Chilli Cheese Burst Dosa at Vanakkam

The latest South Indian offering on the block — The Vanakkam Cafe by Chef Rahul Desai, which is the first venture as a part of the Incubator Program for home delivery by London Taxi. The food menu has a nuanced take on authentic recipes of South India. Desai’s menu takes you on a journey through South India with the pineapple chutney, molagapodi, Sri Lankan curry, and an expansive menu that travels very well, which is essential when you’re ordering in from a delivery kitchen.

Bun & Only: Bun & Chefs Initiative Menu

Panko Crusted & Edamame Hummus Burger at Bun & Only

Bun & Chefs, An initiative by Bun & Only, was launched last month on World Burgers Day to support the work of Mission Oxygen. The first month had chef Karishma Sakhrani creating the brand’s first ever Vegan Burger. This month, Bun & Only has collaborated with Chef Seefah Ketchaiyo and Chef Karan Bane, who are on board to create a limited edition Japanese-inspired burger — the Panko Crusted Chicken & Edamame Hummus burger. The burger has Panko crusted fried chicken with edamame and wasabi hummus, topped with sliced avocado. If you’re looking to indulge in a sweet dish, the menu also features the decadent Burnt Basque Oreo Cheesecake. This one will be available on the menu for this entire month, and there will be a new burger launched next month.

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