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Reserved for Mavericks

Glenfiddich founder William Grant was a true maverick. In 1886 at the age of 47, he quit his safe job in an uncertain economic climate to begin a new life. With the help of his nine children, he followed his dream of creating something special

As a tribute to the brand’s risk taking character, Glenfiddich celebrates all those who emulate it. The legend comes to life at the Glenfiddich Maverick Table dinners. It’s an experience that brings together influencers and celebrates those, who against all odds have made a difference in their field of expertise. The mavericks share their journeys and of course, the fine food and conversations…

The Mavericks Table is no ordinary table. It is a gathering of eclectic rebels who have redefined their fields by challenging conventions and questioning the norms. Men and women who have dared to think outside the box and execute their ideas, no matter how outlandish they might seem. It is this spirit of daring and doing which Glenfiddich salutes and recognizes. Because the founders of Glenfiddich were mavericks themselves. They turned Glenfiddich into a worldwide phenomenon with their unorthodox business ideas.

The Glenfiddich Mavericks Table has witnessed the wit of Swapan Seth, the artisanship of India’s avant garde chef Manish Mehrotra, and the effervescent spirit of Zorawar Kalra. Going forward Glenfiddich Maricks Table series will continue to celebrate the spirit of innovation and boldness.