It’s Friyay. Now that we’re all well settled in with the idea of staying home, and have figured out how to still enjoy the weekend (if you haven’t, we suggest you get to it ASAP), cocktails with your lockdown companions, or over Zoom with your friends, has become a part of life. Till the bars are safe, here are three quick cocktails you can make at home, and feel a bit more fancy.

Strawberry Basil Vodka Martini
Plain vodka
Dry vermouth
Strawberry slush syrup
Fresh basil leaves
Method: Add vodka, vermouth and a tablespoon of slush syrup to an ice-filled mixing glass, or a metal shaker. Stir, and strain, and garnish with basil leaves.
Classic Gimlet
Gin or plain vodka
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
Method: The simplest of all. Mix well with cracked ice in a metal mixer, and pour into the fanciest cocktail glass you can find.
Long Island Iced Tea
Ingredients (25ml each)
Light rum
Lime juice
Method: Mix all the alcohols along with lime juice in a metal mixer. Pour into a tall glass, and add Coke. Drink up.