The times are grim, but the country has come together strongly to fight the current wave of the coronavirus pandemic. From circulation of resources to provision of meals, everyone is out there, doing their bit, or even more than their bit.

While the F&B industry is one of the worst-hit, given the lockdowns and curfews, nothing hampers the spirit of ‘h’ In hospitality. Chefs are coming up with ways to help those who are alone during this time with nutritious food, and with ideas to donate to different organisations that are providing food and necessities to people who need it. Now, Neysa Mendes, who runs the popular blog Good Slice, has started a bake sale fundraiser, where she is baking and selling a delicious chocolate tart, and 100 per cent of the proceeds go to a verified charity working towards Covid relief. Mansi Jasani, cheese monger and cheese maker who is popularly known as Cheesewali, is making a four cheese ragati, that you can order on Instagram DM or on the WhatsApp number provided. Chef Marina Balakrishnan of Oottupura is selling plum cakes, while 12-year-old home baker Saachi is making cookie cakes. Proceeds from Goodslice, Saachi, and Jasani will go to the Hemkunt Foundation, while Marina will be donating to Annada. The price range of all the bake sale products are in a wide range, so whatever one can afford, one can donate through.


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While this is just the beginning of the initiative, this bake sale fundraiser will become bigger, as other cities will join forces too. So if you were overburdened with all the information out there and needed some verified leads, this is a good place to start.

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