It didn’t start out with the idea of a post pandemic world, but Dwarka SOCIAL opens this month as a socially distant outlet, and makes partying seem easier

Delhi, it’s not like you’re already not stepping out, but here’s a safer way to chill. SOCIAL has opened their latest outlet in Dwarka, and the idea has seamlessly come together in a manner that’s ready for ‘the new normal’.

During a virtual tour, architect Sanchit Arora walks us through his Vietnam-inspired design of the place that reflects the streets and alleyway shops of Vietnam. The space has been planned and designed in such a way that it is primed to promote social distancing. There are natural wood and bamboo chick blinds that make the entire space malleable, to create divisions as needed, and partitions are placed at six-feet nodes, which divides the outlet into several zones. Enclosed spaces stacked on top of each other, a terrace etc. are all a part of the space, albeit with social distancing, and all necessary hygiene measures.

“The entire point of communing now is about ‘coexisting’ and not ‘overlapping’. The maxim for this outpost is ‘SOCIAL with distancing’, a space where we’re keeping the safety and hygiene of patrons and staff as our priority, along with SOCIAL’s signature irreverence,” says Arora.

So does he think there will be more spaces that’ll open up keeping the distancing in mind? “I believe adding layers is what’s going to happen. Creating modules that help with demarcation and lets everyone have fun while being safe will make people feel secure enough to step out too. That’s what we have tried to do, with this place,” he adds.