The boom of dessert porn on Instagram has been widely supported by the lavender laddoos of the world. Here are a few artisanal mithai shops to try to satisfy the sweet tooth in style this weekend.

Bombay Sweet Shop


Bombay Sweet Shop is from The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro family, and is all about reimagining Indian sweets, with a contemporary, fun twist. Delve into their Chocolate Patissa Fingers, or try the Kaapi Pak or if you’re less on the chocolate and coffee side, try the Cutting Katli, which is perfect for all those of you who always pick a piece of sweet, and eat only half of it.

Find them on Instagram @bombaysweetshop


Lots of refinement, a natural touch, and indulgence. Delhi-based Khoya does some interesting artisanal upgrades to your usual sweetmeats. If you’re hosting a dinner at home, or just want to introduce some new mithai to the folks at home, a roasted besan laddoo, or a rose peda, or a signature chocolate barfi could be difficult to resist.

Find them on Instagram @khoya_official



Imagine your mithais, but with French finesse. That’s what chefs Ashay Dhopatkar and Neha Lakhani have done with Arq. Their Instagram feed can really make you crave sweet every day (hoping my yoga instructor isn’t reading this). Let your weekend indulgence this week be a Besan Truffle, which is a besan laddoo with dark Belgian chocolate truffle filling, or a caramel Peshawar with a dulce de leche centre. Yes, it’s lethal.

Find them on Instagram @arqmithai


Kesar is based in Jaipur, but delivers across India. From mithai cakes, traditional sweets, to Middle Eastern delights, Kesar is all about your luxurious indulgence in the sweet you eat. Think blueberry laddoos, black currant barfi, flavoured ghewar. They really go all out to provide you a mix of both classic and contemporary flavours, and could make for really nice gift boxes for your mithai loving folks.

Find them on 

Ornamental Mithai


Chef Neelam Saini started Mumbai-based luxury Indian desserts brand, Ornamental Mithai. They’re also available Pan India, and have some bespoke mithai options, including gluten-free ones if there’s a dietary restriction. Some of their most interesting sweets include the pink salt, almond, and chana dal laddoo, saffron dulche peda, red velvet barfi, among many other options. Sounds like an assorted box of six can be quite the trip down the sweet lane.

Find them on Instagram @ornamentalmithai


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