It’s the long weekend, and it’s dessert time. While boozy cakes and Christmas sweets rule the planet, chocolate lovers, here’s where you can find the ultimate solace — and make sure you use your “cheat week” to indulge in only the best chocolates in town

Harsh Chocolates

My first introduction to Harsh Chocolates was their chocolate bread loaf — brown, and white. Imagine your regular bread slice, but studded with good quality, tasty chocolate chips. Toast, butter, eat. Other than chocolate rocks, cherry chocolate bread, brownies, biscuits etc., their current Christmas menu has what I’d call the most authentic ginger cookies I’ve tried. Dark chocolate covered, strong ginger flavoured cookies, and also some peppermint almond nuggets — thick mint chocolate covered almonds, dusted with cocoa powder — make for a great artisanal chocolate box for your Christmas Eve at home.

Find them on Instagram @harshchocolates

Ether Atelier Chocolat

I remember speaking to chef Prateek Bakhtiani last year for another food story, and he said he infuses leather into chocolate too (blown). Ether has always made top notch, exquisite chocolate, and the brand constantly innovates, while never compromising on the taste and quality of the chocolate. They have some interesting DIY Bake Along kits, in case you’re having one of those DIY Christmas, like most occasions have been this year. Or,  if you want to indulge in a sinful bar, they have a Tablet Library, comprising some interesting chocolate tablets, such as Noir, their 70% Dark Dominican Cacao, Volcanic Salt tablet, or the GENMAI, which is a Blonde Chocolate, with Japanese Toasted Rice, and Raspberry.

Find them on Instagram @etherchocolate



A quality-oriented artisanal chocolate brand, Éntisi has a team of internationally trained and acclaimed chocolatiers who have worked in various continents, all brought together to create the ultimate chocolate. Their Christmas curation has a lot of indulgent options, from bonbon flavoured plum cake, to a Hot Chocolate Tin for all the hot chocolate lovers. They have some insane hampers, which are everything chocolate, and so meant for your Christmas movies binge night.

Find them on Instagram @entisichocolatier



A new-ish brand, but a promising addition to India’s evolving bean-to-bar chocolate scene. Colocal has their chocolate factory and cafe in Delhi, and their menu is every chocolate lover’s delight. The café offers different percentages of chocolate in the drinks, some coffee concoctions, like the cacao spiced cold brew, among other things. In fact, if you’re visiting, they’ll even take you on a chocolate factory tour. Yum.

Find them on Instagram @colocalchocolates

Felicità Chocolates


Felicita does some pretty crafty chocolates, and really beautiful gift hampers. I have tried their artisanal chocolates as well as baked in organic jaggery rose almond cacao nibs granola, which makes for a tasty addition to a breakfast bowl. Interesting Macademia & Nutella bonbons, blueberry & Swiss chocolate, and one of my favourite chocolate biscuits — their 70% dark chocolate coated biscuits. Get some granola for the healthy days, and delve into the chocolates this long weekend.

Find them on Instagram @felicitacraftingcacao

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