Pasta has to be one of the most versatile dishes; there is always a kind for everyone. That may be the reason why this delicious, often carb-rich delicacy has made its way to almost every corner of the world. There are, however, ways one can do this staple Italian dish wrong; on this World Pasta Day venture through this list we have complied and decide where you draw the line between innovative and just unearthly.

Unicorn Pasta

Unicorn Pasta

Starting off super easy, take this chance to war yourself up; we all remember the days of the colourful food, everything was pink, blue and purple. Although a gorgeous look on the likes of ice cream, does your pasta really need the rainbow treatment?

Pasta In Energy Drink/Sports Drinks

We have established that we adore pasta. There is also a good chance that you enjoy the occasional (or too frequent) can or energy drink or a bottle or sports drink. However, would you have thought that the two go together? Well, on more than one occasion, netizens have. Here is one video;

People have also made it in soft drinks.

Chocolate Pasta

Chocolate Pasta

Two birds, one stone; way to ruin two good things with one dish! A frightening number of recipes for chocolatey variants of the dish exist online; while some call for the chocolate to be kneaded into the very dough; garnished with walnuts and such, the others would add powdered Oreos and such to regular boiled pasta.

Peanut Butter Sauce

Many recipes call for a dash, sometimes more, of nuts, oftentimes it is also peanuts.

It is, however, repellent to imagine a dish of just boiled pasta in peanut butter.

Similar honourable mentions: pasta in ketchup, sliced cheese with pasta, you get the idea.

Shaping Pasta

When overcooked and left to cool down, pasta becomes lumpy and sticks together. It would take the shape of whatever it is put into. People have made use of just that and have shaped pasta into everything from birthday cakes to droughts. Nope.

Are you intrigued by or maybe guilty of one of these?

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