I know, I know, this update is coming after a while. But the whole ‘revenge’ vibe of people as well as the hospitality industry has us engulfed. From kickass drinking spots to the nicest sit-downs, we curate where you need to be eating, drinking, and chilling in Mumbai right now.

B Cuisine And Cocktails

B Cuisine And Cocktails

Let’s face it, even the non-drinkers have missed lounges. Yes, we need the vibe. A hole-in-the-wall, almost unmissable green door on Grant Road leads you to B- Cuisines & Cocktails, and takes you right back to the ’90s. Relaxed space, ample amount of table privacy, coupled with some nostalgic rock music is the start to the evening. The lounge and bar goes for a bar bites menu, celebrating the hotel’s Mangalorean and Mumbai lineage, with a twist, bringing that curry leaf to your fried chicken and making you feel at home. Missing Bollywood? The B Switch, at 10.30pm, turns the lights down, the Hindi jam up, and converts the place from a lounge into a club. Next party here? We think so.

Where: B, Krishna palace hotel, Sleater Rd, Grant Road (W), Tardeo, Mumbai

Cou Cou

Cou Cou

Went from party to patisserie real quick there. Oberoi Group’s first food and beverage outlet, this French patisserie gives you a taste of Paris in the most authentic way possible. With a stash of freshly baked breads, pastries, cakes, handmade artisanal chocolate, not to mention making their hot chocolate powder in-house with their own chocolate, Cou Cou is where you kiss your diet goodbye. Try a flaky, fresh croissant with a well-whipped strong mocha, and a side of Kouign-Amann — a caramelised kind of croissant that’s just out-of-this-world tasty and the right amount of sweet — and mix it up with a savoury pastry. True to French standards, they also have a selection of wines, and their live pastry section is all you need to see to know you’re getting your meal right. Worth a lunch, worth a coffee evening.

Where: Jio World Drive, BKC

Foo, Andheri

Foo Andheri

Do I even need to tell you why? Fine, I will. The newest Foo at Andheri has taken its core best, and added something special for those of us who can’t keep going to town for it (yes, us suburbs’ folks). With a beautiful outdoor space meant for the season’s booziest brunches and a huge indoor space with a couple of intimate booths, Foo has also launched some special dishes for this particular outlet. Other than their usual dumplings, the lobster dumpling, with its flavourful, light filling, will burst into your mouth before you know what hit you. Digging into some bao has to be on the list, before trying the Umami Black Cod, which even seafood skeptics will want a second helping of, thanks to its umami and subtle taste. If you go for the Sunday Foosum Brunch, definitely try their Sushi Boat and Rainbow dumpling basket, available exclusively at Foo Andheri.

Where: Veera Desai Road, Andheri West

Kunafa World

Kunafa World
Assorted Mini Kunafas at Kunafa World, Bandra

Not the fanciest, not the biggest, but the cutest, and the dessert spot of the town right now. Also proof that you don’t have to spend Bayroute kind of money to have the best Kunafa. Serving only and only knafeh (a traditional Middle Eastern dessert made with fine semolina dough, soaked in sugar and saffron syrup), Kunafa World has made it to Mumbai after successfully launching their first flagship cafe in Bengaluru.

It’s indulgent, authentic (I have eaten the real stuff from Kuwait, in Dubai, and in Israel, so mark my words), and comes in varieties enough to satisfy everyone on the table. In fact, to help people understand knafeh/kunafa better, the café has a rotating burner that beautifully cooks the crackling kunafa right in front of the customer, and it’s the first café in India to show this technique. So gawk at the burner, indulge in the amalgamation of tastes from Arabia — Cream Kunafa, Cheese Kunafa — and the twists: Nutella Kunafa, Snickers, Bounty, Ferrero Rocher, and the popular Lotus Biscoff Kunafa, among others. An unmissable one would be the original and traditional Nabulsi Kunafa from Palestine, which is made using Nabulsi cheese. Some coffee and a kunafa to end your weekend? Say yes.

Where: Mini Punjab lane, Bandra West.

Café Noir

Cafe Noir

Bengaluru’s favorite French café & all-day diner, Café Noir, has now brought its casual French & Italian Café style food to Mumbai. Beautiful Parisian reminders do up the place, and so does the menu, with its limited yet tastefully done menu. A classic quiche is the best way to start off, armed with an eclectic sangria. Follow it up with some crêpes, and a fancy cheese platter (I never miss the chance to have one). They also do pizzas and burgers, in case you’re a play-safe kind of an eater, not to mention an inclusive vegan and keto menu for the health-conscious. Café Noir is the perfect place to have your breakfast meetings, dates, or just spend some time with a loved one over coffee, wine, and croissants.

Where: Lodha One World Towers, Lower Parel