Saturday style tips: Gaurav Gupta and Malika Haydon
Saturday style tips: Gaurav Gupta and Malika Haydon

Designer Gaurav Gupta and model Malika Haydon are ready with your weekly style tips





Gaurav Gupta, Designer


*Fashion, to me, is my own way of life! Style is very personal and natural. It cannot be borrowed or else it would look sick!


*I don’t have any wardrobe basics. I believe I need everything in my wardrobe – lots of shoes, different kinds of pants/trousers, hundreds of T-shirts, quite a few shorts, jackets, crazy accessories, frock coats, capes and even luggage options! At different times, I have my favourites.


*Gaining weight is always a fashion faux. Spend time on an exercise routine to stay fit.


*I like to keep my style a bit undefined. I don’t believe in rules. Your individual style is what sets you apart. That’s how indigenous styles evolve and new cultures are formed.


*Having said that, there are some very basic rules. For instance, try not to appear as someone desperate to look fashionable, someone who wears fitted T-shirts.


* You can create an interesting corporate look by wearing a printed shirt or a mashed check shirt. Also play around with pocket squares.


*Don’t be lazy about dressing up well. You will come across as a person who doesn’t’ care much about your life. Also, there’s a certain style to dressing up lazily. You should know how to team an ugly T-shirt with an ugly shirt, and make it look good.


*My formals usually include sharp black suits with zippers and deconstructed trousers, formal tuxedos, a bandhgala or a frock coat.


*Grooming is an essential part of being stylish. I can’t live without my hair buzzer and Comme des Garcons fragrances.


*Stock your wardrobe with interesting shirts, T-shirts, trousers with multiple pockets and cape trousers.


*Explore new silhouettes in Indian wear like drape kurtas.


*Focusing on your shoes is as important as your clothes. I just bought a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, an iconic shoe brand.


*Sharp tailoring is always in, so invest in some bespoke suits and shirts.


*I think it’s high time men start pushing their boundaries. It’s only then a new fashion culture will evolve. I highly recommend drape trousers and deconstructed jackets. If you are wearing Indian, opt for kurta pyjama with a formal suit jacket.


*Among the men I find AD Singh stylish as he experiments with colours and shapes, and enjoys wearing different things. Arjun Saluja wears his own clothes which are always cut interestingly. Rahul Khanna looks sharp with his little quirky bow ties. Rei Kawakubo, a Japanese fashion designer and founder of Comme des Garcons is such an interesting character.






Malika Haydon, Model


*Some of the best dressed men ignore rules. But for that, you need to know both fashion and what works best for you.


*No man, however skinny, lanky, squat, paunchy, thick-necked, can go wrong in a charcoal grey V-neck jumper with a white T-shirt underneath, worn with dark-wash jeans.


*A scarf adds colour and flair to a conservative or relaxed style.


*Humour and confidence are your best style accessories. The occasional well-fitting tuxedo also works beautifully.


*If you want to get a tattoo, get one that means something.


*A well-tailored waistcoat is the sexiest thing that a man can wear.


*A good scent is the perfect touch to a well-thought-out look.


*Clothes are an expression of a man’s spirit, charisma, humour and intellect. So choose carefully.


*Men look good when they appear they haven’t tried too hard.


*A corduroy jacket is the best style statement you can ever make.


*The shoes you should own and wear often are leather loafers.


*On the first date, always wear something casual but chic. You could slip on jeans and a cool, crisp shirt, and add a structured blazer.


*No matter what your closet contains – luxe labels, fine fabrics, and the newest trends – it doesn’t mean anything without a flawless fit. And the fit isn’t reserved for a line of customised suits. It holds true for everything, from off-the-rack trousers to T-shirts.

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