Ask The Expert: Arjun Khanna
Ask The Expert: Arjun Khanna

Fashion and style conundrums, deciphered and explained by fashion designer Arjun Khanna

According to you, what are the trends that will be a hit this festive season?


Traditional Indian wear has again gone back to classic clothing such as texture on texture, and layering is in. Men are also experimenting. For example, if you want to wear sherwani, you can wear two or three shorter layers or a normal kurta along with churidar or a patiala.


I wish to experiment with double denim without overdoing it. What are the ways to perfect the trend?


Denim is one of my favourite textures or fabrics. I actually collect vintage denim, so if you wish to wear double denim, I would suggest wearing two shades of denim. If you’re wearing a light indigo, then wear dark indigo on top, and if you’re wearing a wash over a certain type, then wear another wash, or if you wish give it a slightly formal pump, then indigo on indigo looks really cool.



What colour palette should men experiment with this winter?


I feel this winter, we should all go back to those classic sepia tonal winter clothes, and sepia old prints. Old black and white should be the colour palette along with checks and old-school plaid.


How can I sport metallics?


Metallic is one of the most trending trends this time, but the personality makes it more wearable. I don’t think guys should just blindly follow trends because honestly, you need to understand the body type, body language, and understand what you’re comfortable wearing. I would suggest you get a stylist or understand your personality while going for such trends.


As a designer, what do you think before curating a festive collection?


As a designer, I create from the heart. There’s not too much thought. It is a canvas; I paint what and how I feel.



I wish to infuse prints in my festive looks. What are the ways to do it?


Prints are cool and there are no rules. Everything applies differently to different types of body profiles and of course your personal style. My new entire line of bundis is of prints. In my collection, I have quilted prints down to give a bit of a masculine look.


I am always confused with festive footwear and do not wish to go for the same old traditional ones. What can I try?


You can go for juttis, peshawaris, or Kolhapuri sandals. A lot of brands are doing moccasins, so you can go for them in neutral tones. Even though it is a western shoe, it goes really well with traditional outfits.


What is that one thing that men tend to ignore when it comes to occasion wear?


I think the biggest and the most basic thing that men ignore while dressing up is grooming. Everyone is suddenly growing a beard, and they don’t know where to trim or cut, and it looks messy. Another thing would be when wearing a suit, they won’t wear an entire look — it’s just the tuxedo, no bow tie, and just basic white socks, so there is a lack of accessorising, which should be avoided.


Arjun Khanna is a go-to couturier for celebrities such as Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and others.


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