Ask The Expert: Kunal Anil Tanna Talks Traditional Wear

Fashion stylist Kunal Anil Tanna answers all your queries on traditional wear and how to look your best at weddings

For a 2022 summer wedding, what style tips would you give? 


For summer weddings, my suggestion to everyone is to choose comfort over embroidery. Choose fabrics that are breathable, choose silhouettes that are breathable. Don’t go in for something which is super fitted, super structured. Go for something easy.



My best friend is getting married next month. I want to wear something traditional with a touch of modernism. What should I choose? 


I think for a best friend’s wedding, it is always fun to kind of experiment a little because you’re not the family to be formal, and you can kind of take the liberty to experiment. So something traditional with a modern touch is always a good idea. A lot of tunics with athleisure hints like waistcoat jackets are something that we’re doing instead of bundis, and I think it works best for a best friend’s wedding. Mock layers also work because it gives you the illusion of layers but at the same time, it’s a single piece so it’s easy, breezy, and summer-friendly.


I am tired of wearing basic kurtas such as those in ivory and beige colours. I want to experiment with colours and patterns without going over the top. What do you suggest for weddings or the festive season?


The colour palette this season as suggested by Pantone, the universal forecaster, is Very Peri, and I think Indian men can adapt that by wearing a tone of lilac or like a soft blue, or even experiment with a French blue, with a hint of bling. I think bling is coming back in a good big way since last season, and men should try and explore it because it’s fun, especially when it’s like a fun wedding, a destination wedding, or a friend’s wedding.



How do I wear Indian outfits for work?


Sadly, we restrict Indian wear to weddings, festivities, and religious functions. But I feel Indian wear can be worn very conveniently for a lot of other occasions as well. We’re doing a lot of tunics with athleisure, which could be very conveniently worn for an outing with friends.You could wear a sweatshirt kurta with just a nice pair of denim to go for a movie night, or wear a nice tunic with athleisure hints for a dinner, or maybe wear a waistcoat bundi over a formal shirt to attend a formal meeting. You could start there and then go a little bit further, you could take it into doing like a muted oyster or a light beige, moving on into a soft pink or a pastel peach. And if you’re feeling like experimenting, I think the lilac is the go-to colour this season.


For my sister’s mehendi, I wish to wear a sequin embellished jacket. What colours should I pair it with?


For me, an outfit should have one strong focus point instead of multiple. So I think if it’s a sequin-embellished jacket, I would go for something a little more muted to team it with, probably like a soft ivory tunic inside with soft colour trousers, and plastic tan shoes.

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