Men's Summer Training Shoes
Best Summer Training Shoes for Men in 2024

From lightweight breathability to superior grip, these trainers will keep you cool and performing at your peak this summer

The mercury has a way of making every workout seem like a task that induces almost Sisyphean levels of despair. Well, shallow as it may sound as a counter, nothing inspires a workout like new gear so, without further ado, here are five new shoes you can slip on just to feel like you have grabbed summer by the horns and given it a resounding whirl. 


On Running


On Running Cloud ultra


The relatively young running brand, but one with no less than Roger Federer backing it, has really brought the heat to the track and left the existing stalwarts of the trade wondering how to combat it. Their idea of CloudTec is somewhat novel but it’s the overall clean aesthetic and a nonchalant sense of comfort and understated style that has everyone going for this brand. In the last few years, they have multiplied their range on offer (a bit too much if you ask me, even to the point of confusing the buyer) but there is no denying their presence and prowess on the running scene…and also airports; apart from running, it appears that they are also great as casual everyday sneakers. 


ASICS Novablast 4 


ASICS Novablast 4 men's summer training shoes 2024


ASCIS is what you buy when you don’t want to experiment. This Japanese superstar has a cult-like following and their new shoes will only grow their tribe. The Novablast 4 is all about energy return. It has a wide toe box and a superior winger tongue construction all of which make for a roomy shoe yet one which holds the foot firmly in place. The woven uppers are great for ventilation (major plus) and the FF BLAST™ PLUS ECO cushioning (made with 20 per cent recycled material) is lovely springy-cushy way to pound the urban pavements. 




Adidas 4DFWD men's summer training shoes 2024


I have not enjoyed a running shoe from Adidas more than their 4DFWD range. The 3D-printed midsole is one of the most innovative pieces of genius. It feels like the simplest form of cushioning and yet it is quite ingenious, using latticework to create a web of cushioning underneath. Then, this very reassuringly trustworthy sole is paired with another unique piece of engineering marvel – STRUNG uppers. Think of this as a series of interwoven threads where they use the minimum amount needed to hold something (your foot) in place. So, it cocoons the foot with absolutely no extra material weighing it down. I was quite floored by the concept of it. It is good to see this tech being rolled out to general enthusiasts like us who like to run and also boast of bleeding edge tech, beyond the pro runners. 


Nike Pegasus 41


nike pegasus 41 men's summer training shoes 2024


With toe and heel air zoom units for cushion and full-length ReactX foam (first time featured in this shoe and with 13 per cent more returns), Nike is reiterating why one of the oldest and a world favourite training shoe is still relevant and can also double up as a reliable partner come race day. Sure, the look and silhouette has changed through its four-plus decades of existence (and I haven’t tried this version of the shoe personally) but I have run with more Pegasus over the years than any other shoe and it remains a top contender for a summer trainer. The lacing system is also unique in that it tethers the uppers directly to the internal mid foot below thereby creating a snug grippy envelope to hold the foot in place. Lastly, Pegasus also does version for trail running and winter running so that the shoe can be versatile across running disciplines and seasons. 


Vibram FiveFingers


Vibram fivefingers.jpg


 Now let me first layout the caveat that this shoe isn’t for everybody. If you are a fan of shoes with minimalist soles and low drops, and also five fingers splayed out in a manner thats natural yet feels uncommon, then Vibram is for you. I use their Furoshiki wraparound shoes (well, they are more shoe-socks) for recovery but that said, many in my group run with their ware and find them quite endearing. 

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