Beyoncé X Balmain: The High Fashion Collab We’ve All Been Waiting For

The proceeds from this collection will go to the United Negro College Fund

As has been well documented, Beyoncé already runs the music industry and now she’s turned her gaze towards high fashion. Queen Bey, who is considered a living deity by many, has joined hands with the luxury fashion brand, Balmain to launch the Balmain X Beyoncé collection. The proceeds from this collection will go to the United Negro College Fund, the items will be available on and Beyoncé.com.


“In my eight years as Balmain’s creative director, I’ve had a lot of incredible experiences and I know that there are many, many more to come—but I can say today, with absolute confidence, that collaborating with Beyoncé on her Coachella concerts is destined to be one of the most important and treasured memories of my career,” Balmain Creative Director Olivier Rousteing wrote in a press release. “Why? Because Beyoncé.”

“Why? Because Beyoncé” truly sums up why this collaboration is sure to be a huge moment in modern-day fashion. The collection will be based on Balmain’s designs for Beyoncé’s Coachella set.

View post on Instagram
View post on Instagram

“What we all saw on those successive Coachella weekends was nothing less than iconic. Her performance, message, and music—along with the looks that we created together—made for one of those rare, indelible images that I believe will long remain in my generation’s collective memory,” Rousteing added.


(Header credits: @Balmain on Twitter)

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