Camessi’s Bespoke Shirts and Trousers for the Quality-Conscious Man
Camessi’s Bespoke Shirts and Trousers for the Quality-Conscious Man

The brand is carving a niche for itself as a premium producer of luxury tailored menswear

Camessi was established in May 2010 by Sanjiv Shroff, who has headed Reliance Chemotex for the last thirty-four years, under the Spell Fashions banner. It was launched with the aim of creating the finest men’s shirts in the world. The brand has grown in the luxury market by focusing on delivering high-quality, custom products which satisfy the demands of the discerning customer.


A Camessi Bespoke shirt starts with the best natural cottons, silks, and blends from Italy and Switzerland. The customer has the ability to choose from thousands of fabric swatches and design samples, which are consistently updated to suit trends. They are further customised through a massive number of collars, cuffs, fits, and hand-embroidered monogramming.


The brand started offering trousers after 2013, which distinguish themselves in that they are completely handmade. The hand stitches are more dynamic, they adjust to the wearer’s body over time, making the trousers more comfortable and personable. The manufacturing processes used by Camessi bring back the tailoring traditions of fine menswear which have been diluted in the modern age, sacrificing mass production for art, beauty, and tradition.


The brand has been augmented for the future with the introduction of Mr. Shroff’s two sons, Rahul and Ameya Shroff. Both hold Bachelors of Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Management, in addition to Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Rahul has worked with the firm since 2010 and has streamlined the company’s manufacturing, modernizing it with keen operational vigilance.


Ameya was brought into the firm in 2013, and has been influential in expanding the brand to trouser manufacturing, in addition to his role in enhancing the company’s administration and marketing strategies. With this drive to constantly evolve and grow, Camessi looks set to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the men who want to look good without compromising on quality. 

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